Lewis and Clark Conference Art Show 2015

 1st place ribbons:

Scott Thomas
jaralyn Kelsey
Illeana Frenchman
Jessica Smith
Sam Snowball
Sianne Harden
Emily Harden
Antonio Redhorn
Miguel Baker
Mary Payer
Jaric Littlegeorge
Derrell Zagurski
Maurice Scott

Mat Wingett... honorable mention in pottery category (silver medal)

2nd place ribbons:

Isaiah Medina
Vince Bass III
Angelo Suarez
Allie Frenchman
Alexandrea Flanders

3rd place ribbons:

Dylan Payer
Rohahehs Aldrich
Angela Bigbear
Denmi Whiteman
 winners in the Junior High:

1st place ribbons:

Delilah Flanders
Precious Aldrich
Emmett Walker
Rylene Redhorn

2nd place ribbon:

Matt Blackfish

Art Show Coming Up

21st Annual 7-12 WPS Art Show
Students in grades 7 - 12 will be showing
their work in the old gym
Thursday, 23 April   9 am - 4 pm
Friday, 24 April   9 am - 4 pm
Everyone is Welcome