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"Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow"

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First Day of School for Students
August 17th, 2016

Last Day of School for Students
May 19th, 2016; early release day, 1:00pm

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Summer School for 1st through 6th grade; 
Monday through Friday, 9:00-11:30, 6/12-6/23

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Elementary Principal Breann Haney

Ms. Haney and daughter Lucy

In The News

Alice In Wonderland
Ms. Spirk and the students have been working hard on their musical, Alice in Wonderland. The school performance was Tuesday, April 4th and the community performance on Thursday April 6th at 6:30pm.

4th Grade Writing
Mrs. Finzen abd Mrs. Aman's 4th graders has been learning about "idioms" in writing class this month. One idiom in particular "In Like A Lion and Out Like A Lamb"  is a perfect illustration  during this particular time of the year.  The students were asked to respond to an article using the text dependent analysis strategies they have been studying in writing class. Afterwards an art activity was completed.  The young scholars you see here enjoyed making their Lion and Lamb masks as an extension of their idiom studies.  
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National R-Word Day
March 1st is national "R-word, spread the word to end the word". It is a national campaign, that raises awareness to using the word "retarded".  
The website has a few good photos and videos, and you may want to spend just a few minutes speaking to your children about it.

First Grade Writing Class

Third Grade Guided Reading and Science Class
Levin LaPointe and Jared Doxey, along with many others, created a presentation using Prezi to demonstrate what they learned in our guided reading groups about Greek gods.  

During our science class we are beginning a unit on classifying animals. We created an edible backbone out of jelly rings and fruit loops to demonstrate how the backbones moves. 


Little Priest Tribal College
On November 4th members of the Little Priest Tribal College came and read stories to the kindergarten classes.

Halloween 2016

4th Grade Math
Students in 4th grade are learning the concepts of Area and Perimeter using Cheeze-It crackers.

Pedal Power
Congratulations to Ms. Aman and our 4th grade students! 
Ms. Aman's GoFundMe project, "Pedal Power" was recently fully funded. Very soon our 4th graders will have 5 mini cardio cycles in their class rooms.
Marcy Cardio Mini Cycle

Winnebago Educational Programs


Gooru Resources

DigitWhiz is an online math program that guides kids
ages 8+ to master key foundational skills in
five areas: Multiplication, Division, Integer
Operations, Like Terms and Solving Equations.

Khan Aademy, New way to Learn