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posted Mar 27, 2015, 11:02 AM by Dar Bales

Mr. Mette, art instructor

   Wow, was Youth Art Month full of art activities! April promises to be more of the same.

   The results from the 2015 Lewis and Clark Conference Art Show can now be announced: Mat 

Wingett was award an “Honorable Mention” in pottery and he received a silver medal. First 

place ribbon winners in grades 7-12 were Scott Thomas, Jaralyn Kelsey, Illeana Frenchman, 

Jessica Smith, Sam Snowball, Sianne Harden, Emily Harden, Antonio Redhorn, Miguel Baker, 

Mary Payer, Jaric Littlegeorge, Derrell Zagurski, Maurice Scott, Delilah Flanders, Precious 

Aldrich, Emmett Walker and Rylene Redhorn. Second place ribbons were earned by Isaiah 

Medina, Vince Bass III, Angelo Suarez, Allie Frenchman and Alexandrea Flanders and Matt 

Blackfish. Third place ribbons went to Dylan Payer, Rohahehs Aldrich, Angela Bigbear and 

Denmi Whiteman. Congratulations to these young artists!

   The 9th Annual 20 / 20 Drawing Challenge finished up last month. Students who take the 

Challenge have to complete 20 observational pencil drawings in 20 school days. There were 11 

students who took the challenge this year and only three artists completed it. The “finishers” 

were Alexandrea Flanders, an Art I student; Dylan Payer, an Art II student and Emily Harden, an 

Art III student. These artists earned 100 extra credit points and a certificate of their 


   The BIG Show for 2015 was also held last month at Wakefield High School. There were 15 

schools in attendance from the tri-state region. The exhibition was close to 700 works of art by 

students in grades 7-12. Attending the activity were Scott Thomas, Emily Harden and Sam 

Beighley. These students created a carnival game as the group activity. The game was a bean bag 

toss named Galactic Black Hole. The elementary students at Wakefield were allowed to play the 

games created by the 15 schools. Needless to say, it was a crazy afternoon as our game was 

played by 133 students… some more than once.

   The following awards were earned by Winnebago art students: in the Junior High Melvin Rice 

was awarded a Judge’s Merit for a colored pencil drawing. First place ribbons were earned by 

Matt Blackfish, Jayla Price, T.J. Frenchman, Cristoff WhiteEagle, Matthew McDonald, Sincere 

Goodman, Shay Lonewolf and Rylene Redhorn. Second place ribbons were awarded to Precious 

Aldrich, Delilah Flanders, Jeriah GreyOwl, Amiyah Kuntz, Emmett Walker and Kiana Lewis.

   In the High School, these awards were earned: first place ribbons to Josh Miles, Helena 

Thomas, Mat Wingett, Scott Thomas, Jaralyn Kelsey, Dylan Payer, Emily Harden, Maurice 

Scott, Alexandrea Flanders, Allie Frenchman, Bart Kennedy, Jessica Smith, Anna Saldana, 

Illeana Fenchman, Isaiah Medina, Sam Beighley, Vince Bass III, Elijah Frazier, Miguel Baker, 

Derrell Zagurski, Mary Payer, Levi Blackhawk, Micha Scott and Denzell Blackbird. Second 

place ribbons went to Angelo Suarez, Sage Primeaux, Dylan Payer, Shatecia Thomas, Angela 

Bigbear, Max Walker, Sianne Harden, Manape Cleveland, Delicia Payer, Jamiah Porter, Sam 

Beighley, Sam Snowball, Vince Bass III, Nakia Mallory, Jaric Littlegeorge, Dontae Walker and 

Antonio Redhorn. Maurice Scott was voted Winnebago’s Outstanding School Artist. This was a 

new award this year… each participant voted for their favorite image from each school. A BIG 

congratulations to all these fine young artists!

   The 21st Annual 7-12 WPS Art Show will be held this month in the old gym. The dates for the 

show are Thursday and Friday, 23 – 24 April. The show will be open to the public from 9am 

until 4pm both days. Please come up and see what has been created this year. I think you’ll be 

pleasantly surprised. See you there!